CELA 2018

CELA 2018

As researchers and designers, we engage complex landscape and societal issues in ourp ractices. Transformative practitioners engage in the layered dialogues that call to account their positions and reflect upon their actions. Transformative educators challengec onventions, habits of mind, and those deeply held meanings that guide our thinking abouts ocial, political, and environmental issues. Conference presenters and participants arei nvited to enter into discussions and debates intended to challenge contemporary norms, transform our discussions, and break our landscape architecture chrysalis.

Transforming the Discussion


Communication and Visualization

Design Education and Pedagogy

Design Implementation (LACEStrack)

History, Theory, and Culture

Landscape Performance (LACEStrack)

Landscape Planning and Ecology (LACEStrack)

People Environment Relationships

Research and Methods

Service Learning and Community Engagement

Sustainability (LACEStrack)

Urban Design